Restaurant loved by the community, filled with smiles

We hope to contribute to the development of the region by using local ingredients from the Niseko area neighborhood.
We aim to be a restaurant that is loved by the community and brings a smile to the face of the customers.
We look forward to serving you.

Grilled on the rocks of Mt. Yotei.
Less smoke and concentrated flavor.

The grill plate is made of lava rock excavated from Mt.Yotei.
The plate produces less smoke when grilling meat and brings out the flavor of the ingredients increasingly.
The plate becomes rich in flavor with repeated use, bringing a delicious, exceptional taste.
Enjoy the unique Niseko taste of concentrated natural flavor!

Taste of Local Products.
Local ingredients selected by the owner.

The Niseko area is a treasure trove ofingredients.
Yakiniku Sekka carefully selects and provides
the best of the season's ingredients.


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